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28 Jan 2013

Going On a Break

By Monday, January 28, 2013

Yeah, I don't like it either.. 

Yes, App Funda will go on a break. All these rumors are true, if there were any rumors, but you must have guessed by the frequency of reviews these days. My board exams are really near, and I have to start working hard. 

"That's so not fair!"
True, I hate it too. Away from apps, away from technology. It's like removing one of your kidneys! 

"How long will this break be?"
Well, it's gonna be pretty long. Brace yourselves. My board exams start on 27th February 2013, and they will last almost a month. Plus a month right now. So yes, 2 months. That's really long. I don't want to stop, not so soon, but i'm helpless. 

"This is really sad! What will we do?"
Well, you can read the reviews I've written previously. Temple Run 2 review is doing particularly good. You can comment your positive/negative opinions. I'll have a look at them, and reply to all, after 2 months...  No spam please. Spam is bad. 

"Who writes all these amazing and full of humor reviews? He's amazing!"
Really? Thank you :). I, Sid Bandhu, Editor of App Funda, write all the reviews. If you want to know me better you can follow me on Google+ or on Twitter. No Facebook here. Sorry. 

"I love App Funda!"
Thank you. Means alot.  :)

If you feel like making a contribution to App Funda, you can email us your review to If it's really good, i'll definitely post it. Don't forget to add pictures. 

Another thing, as soon as I get back, I'm thinking on implementing some changes. Rating apps out of 5 stars is widely used, as noticed on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Ratings might change to out of 5 stars in the future, to keep up with the standards. 

A new look might be on the way too. App Funda definitely looks amazing currently, but i'll try to make it even more awesome (Awesomer, if that's a word). A Twitter account for App Funda might come too. I was definitely looking forward to it too. How's @AppFunda? 

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